Whats New?

10 June 2019

  • Extended Hardie family line (Craig maternal) back several generations to the 1640’s.
  • Many additions to branches arising from DNA matches including Hardy (Hardie), Taylor and McIntyre connections in the US.
  • There are now 33,451 people in our trees.

18 June 2018

  • Extended Jordan family line (Craig maternal) back a couple of generations in Ireland.
  • Extended Mohilly line back in Ireland (Craig paternal)
  • A large number of updates to Celine’s maternal line in France. Surnames Salvadori, Cardot, Jacquot, Boussard feature.
  • Many additions to the Anstiss family line (Craig paternal) as a result of DNA-based discoveries.
  • Addition of new Dale and Scott family members in the Riverina, especially Narrandera, arising from DNA discoveries. Surnames Dale, Scott, Gunson, Davies feature.
  • A very large number of smaller branches and additions have been added arising from DNA discoveries.
  • There are now 32,410 people in our trees.

15 October 2017

  • Addition of family details for Albertine Jeanne Salvadori including siblings and their descendants where known, additional ancestors, and husband.
  • Addition of her husband Abel Henri Boussard to Honour Roll (French army, WW1)

13 September 2017

  • Added Gaston Emile Lahaxe (French army, WW1) and Emile Roger Lahaxe (French army, KIA WW2) to the Honour Roll.
  • Many additions to Bunting/Anstiss descendants in USA.

5 August 2017

  • Added Pow family details, descendants of John Jones and Agnes Young, one of whom is a DNA proved connection to Craig. First DNA confirmation of Craig’s descent from this couple.
  • Added George Pow, KIA France and Flanders WW1, to the Honour Roll.
  • Added further Bason descendants in NZ after DNA connection revealed.
  • Added numerous Ross, Greig, Flockhart, Marshall descendants from Cockenzie, Scotland some of whom are connected to Craig through two different Cockenzie family branches – the Jones/Ross and Greig.
  • Added descendants of Dennis O’Sullivan b ca. 1834 Waterford Ireland, d. USA. Speculative brother to Craig’s GGGG grandfather, Thomas Denis O’Sullivan based on DNA connection to a descendant.
  • Numerous other additions of people and information.
  • Names count in trees reaches 31013.

28 May 2017

  • Significant updates to George family descendants of Samuel and Sarah George b. ca. 1740.
  • Added descendants of Mary Ann Bason and John William Freeman in NZ.
  • Added descendants of Jeremiah Roche and Mary Durnan.
  • Addition of William Joseph Roche, KIA, RAAF, WW2 and Joseph Alexander Freeman KIA, Gallipoli, WW1, to the Honour Roll.
  • Names count in trees reaches 30,749.

28 April 2017

  • Significant updates to George/McGeorge family line including moving back a couple of generations to John George b. ca. 1715 and identifying new descendants of his son Samuel b. ca. 1740 through a second wife, Sarah.
  • Further discoveries on Amoyal family line in Morocco and Algeria taking this line back two generations.
  • Addition of many descendants of Agnes Shaw b. ca. 1806, a newly discovered sister of Robert Shaw who married Alexander Kennedy.
  • Addition of Percy Frederick Seaton Spence to the Curiosities page. He was a famous Australian artist.
  • Addition of the following to the Honour Roll: Jacques Victor Rene Gridelet, Maxwell Mansfield Brown, Bruce Clifton Caldwell, Barry Blundell, Samuel Zenati, Chaoul “Saul” Amouyal.
  • Names count in trees reaches 29,728.

26 March 2017

  • Added many descendants of James Sole & Sarah Hellier in NZ.
  • Added many descendants of John Taylor & Agnes Hardie in the USA.
  • Added James Herbert Luke, KIA 1918 in The Somme, to the Honour Roll.
  • Names count in trees reaches 29241.

9 January 2017

  • Inclusion of ** markers/and or DNA image on people in the tree for whom DNA analysis confirms ancestry.
  • Significant update to Cockenzie families, especially descendants of Isabell Jones and John Donaldson, ca. 180 names. Main surnames: Donaldson, Stewart, Horn, Marshall, Harkess/Herkes/Herkess.
  • Modifications to marriage and descendants of Thomas Jones b. 1777 (Isabell’s brother) based on new research.

15 October 2016

  • A significant update with over 1300 new names added.
  • Major update to Anstiss family line with DNA analysis proving ancestry of John Anstiss, convict, back to James Anstiss b. ca. 1691 in Quainton, Buckinghamshire. Many descendants of this family added in the USA and England, especially with surnames Anstiss, Bunting, Bailey.
  • Many descendants of George Snedden and Janet Halley Laird b. Scotland added in USA.
  • Addition of William Charles Josephs, Austin James Rittenhouse, John Blair Carter, Jones Weldon Lamb, Horace O. Bunting, Frederick Stephn King, Joseph P. King, Thomas Frederick Southam, and James Alfred Wade to Honour Roll.

22 August 2016

  • Significant updates to Bason branch in NZ and in England with Bason history in Potterspury, Northamptonshire, England now traced back to 1677
  • Addition of descendants of George Simpson b. 1740 in Scotland and Australia
  • Addition of descendants of Sarah Anstiss & Thomas Roydhouse in USA
  • Confirmation of parentage and siblings of John Anstiss, English convict transported to Australia, as a result of DNA matching with descendant of Sarah Anstiss, his sister (above)
  • Addition of descendants of Alexander Brown b.1830 in Scotland and the USA
  • Addition of Frank Bason, Isaac Bason, Roy Bason, Henry George Bason, Walter James Richards, George Oswald Richards, Harry Montdidier “Monty” Richards, Henry Roydhouse, Weldon Earle Roydhouse to the Honour Roll

24 July 2016

  • Major updates to lineage of Saunders and Geake family branches primarily in Stratton, Cornwall, England back to ca 1540 – new earliest ancestors of Craig identified
  • Addition of descendants of Mary Ann Bason in NZ
  • Addition of Zelma Carter, Thomas Hunt and William Thurlow (KIA Gallipoli) to Honour Roll
  • Addition of previously unknown branch of Sullivan family arising from illegitimately born daughter to Catherine Agnes Sullivan (later Flecknoe)

26 June 2016

  • Updates to lineage of Greig/Greg/Grege family branch in Scotland back to ca. 1607 – new earliest ancestors of Craig identified
  • Addition of previously unknown descendants of Catherine Agnes Sullivan in Australia through illegitimately born daughter, Gladys May Sullivan
  • Addition of descendants of Gabriel Muir and Fyffe Cowan who emigrated from Scotland to the USA
  • Addition of descendants of Thomas Forsyth and Janet Adams who emigrated from Scotland to the USA
  • Addition of descendants of john Gillespie and Isobel Forsyth who emigrated from Scotland to the USA
  • Addition of Harold Edward Old, Jack Raymond Wyche, William Albert Douglas Gould and Robert Nelson to the Honour Roll

21 May 2016

  • Significant updates to Laird family branch, including new ancestors back to John Laird b. ca. 1665 in Stirlingshire, Scotland. First major breakthrough enabled by DNA analysis.
  • Identification of earliest maternal ancestors so far in Craig’s tree, Nicoll Murdoch and Margaret Cousar/Corsare born around 1634, probably in Stirlingshire, Scotland.
  • Addition of James Millan Laird to Honour Roll, WW1

27 April 2016

  • Significant updates to Fitch and Cordell family branches, who mostly hailed from Ware and other nearby places in Hertfordshire and London
  • Addition of new descendants of Peter Hardie and Elizabeth Cowan in Bedford County, Pennsylvania including descendants of their great-grandson James Cullen Allan or Allen and his wife (and 2nd cousin) Agnes Hardie McIntyre
  • Many additions to the Honour Roll: Albert Victor Mercer, Charles Graffious Warsing, William Paul Warsing, Robert White, James David Donaldson, Hugh McIntyre, William Henry Fitch, and Charles Allen encompassing WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War.

18 April 2016

  • Significant updates to Gouldthorpe/Goldthorp family branches in Greenwich, Kent, England and other nearby locations
  • A number of updates to the Söderblom family line in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Addition of new child for Peter Hardie and Elizabeth Cowan – Agnes Hardie who married John Taylor end emigrated to Coaldale, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA – and their numerous descendants in the USA. Many have the surname McIntyre as two of their daughters married McIntyre brothers.
  • Addition of Richard Alexander McIntyre from that family to the Honour Roll – KIA Korean War, while serving with the US Marine Corps
  • Addition of Edward Morris Lowe to the Honour Roll – WW2 and Korea, US Army Air Forces

27 March 2016

  • Added Edmund Reginald Harris, WW1 (British Army) and William George Weeks, WW2 (Royal Canadian Airforce) to the Honour Roll
  • Added Mary Hancox and James Eldridge to the Other Convicts in the Trees page
  • Major additions to the Arnall family tree, originating in Cornwall, England with branches added in Toronto, Canada, South Australia, and New South Wales.
  • A number of additions to the Ritchie tree in Cockenzie Scotland which confirmed links between Ritchie family in Goolwa, South Australia and the Ritchie, Donaldson and Jones families in Cockenzie

20 January 2016

  • Added Ronald Joseph Sullivan to Honour Roll, WW2
  • Numerous minor updates and changes and tweaks

6 September 2015

  • Added Allen Floyd Hardie, US Army, to Honour Roll, WW2
  • Added photo of John McLean Cadzow of St. Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
  • Numerous minor updates and changes and tweaks

8 May 2015

  • Added Bert Sidney Haron and Sidney George Haron to the  Honour Roll
  • Many tweaks and updates

23 March 2015

13 March 2015

  • Major update to details for Eleanor Joan Cadzow, famous ballerina.

6 March 2015

  • Added Florent Chamberlain, his son Philip John Chamberlain (KIA, France), and Martin Thornton Donnelly to the Honour Roll, WW1
  • Added further descendants of Philip Chamberlain and Janet Jones in the USA
  • Added further descendants for James Cowie b. 1779 arising from newly discovered second marriage to Helen Affleck.

19 February 2015

  • Updated and added descendants of Elizabeth Cadzow and John Corneille Smith
  • Updated details of John Corneille Smith’s American Civil War service and added to Honour Roll.
  • Many tweaks and corrections applied.

3 February 2015

  • Updated and added descendants of William John O’Sullivan from Tumbarumba and Albury (NSW)
  • Added Bertie Hilton Sullivan, Thomas Edward Sullivan, Arthur Richard Alphey (KIA, France, WW1) and Henry Charles Owen Chilcott to Honour Roll, WW1.
  • Added Marcus Louis Goodwin (RAN, P.O.W.) to Honour Roll, WW2
  • Added descendants of Georges Gridelet, France, Canada

10 January 2015

  • Updated and added descendants of John Cadzow (son of John McLean Cadzow) in Queensland
  • Added further descendants of James Hardie b. 1821 (Scotland) in the USA
  • Added detail to Donaldson families in Cockenzie, Scotland
  • Added descendants of Ann Durnan and Patrick Cosgrove
  • Added John Richard Carter to Honour Roll, the first serviceman from the Vietnam War to be added
  • Added Kevin John Cosgrove to Honour Roll, WW2

7 January 2015

  • Added descendants of James Hardie b. 1821 (Scotland) in the USA, primarily Minnesota
  • Added descendants of Ellen Jane Fullerton b. 1867 (Tyrone, Ireland), many in Hampshire, England (Cromie family)
  • Added Percy Harold Joyce to Honour Roll, WW1
  • Incorporated visitor counter on website for first time

25 November 2014

  • Launched new book “In the Shadow of Feathertop – A history of the Lives and Legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie”
  • Established online store for book sales

10 November 2014

13 May 2014

  • Added Clarence Rietschel (KIA WW1), Martin Cahill (US army, died as P.O.W. WW2) and Eric Fordyce (WW1, decorated) to the Honour Roll
  • New additions to Cahill family in California, USA
  • New additions to descendants of Agnes Lawrence and (1) Clarence Rietschel and (2) Leonard Crayford (Jones family line in Australia)
  • New additions to Soderblom family in Australia

4 February 2014

  • Added new Banner Picture now with all of Craig and Celine’s grandparents.
  • Many enhancements to English Gouldthorp tree, esp Richard Gouldthorp b. ca. 1770 and his children.  Also additional members of Australian Gouldthorps and a photo of George Gouldthorp b. 1838 in England.
  • More information on descendants of Janet Jones & Phillip Chamberlain m. 1826 in Scotland.

9 January 2014

  • New website launched!  A significant update with a new web address and a new look.
  • Many significant updates to Jones and associated family pages, including many new images.
  • Inclusion of Jones family connection to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, Craig’s 6th Cousin) on the Celebrity Connections page.  Includes addition of significant branch of Jones family from Cockenzie, Scotland starting with Jean/Jane Jones, grand-daughter of John Jones and Agnes Young from whom Mary Donaldson is descended.
  • Addition of Andy McGavin, speedcar champion, to Curiosities page.

17 December 2011

  • Added many updates to Jones family tree.
  • Inclusion of many details for families connected to Jones family tree including Beasley, Hynd, Cartledge, Hocking Lawrence & Scott families
  • Added descendants of John Jones b. 1845 and wife Margaret Harkes who emigrated to Goolwa, South Australia. Includes photographs of both John and Margaret

 28 September 2011

  •  Numerous updates to Jones family tree especially in Scotland (see John Jones born abt. 1750 and descendants) but also many additions in Australia, including pictures
  • Consolidation of Jones and related family information in preparation for book about George Jones and Margaret Hardie NB: Jones descendants please contact Craig !

 30 June 2011

  • Added details of Ernest Bouchelet, highly decorated French soldier in WW1 (Gridelet branch) and added Ernest to Honour Roll, and the Curiosities section
  • Added many updates to Bouchelet and Gridelet family tree, including additional generation back for Gridelet (to ca. 1665)
  • Revised Amoyal branch ancestry to reflect new information
  • Added further details for Thomas Denis O’Sullivan (Snr) including reference to a forthcoming book about Early Catholic teachers in NSW in which he appears
  • Added details for Adeline (Dorothy) Perry and her family (Whelan & Herbert branches)

 3 March 2011

  • Added details of the life of Phyllis Sullivan (nee Jones) and her parents.
  • Added a number of photographs of graves from from Rookwood Cemetery including John T Anstiss (convict), George Gouldthorp, Sarah Ann Gouldthorp (nee Fitch), Joyce and Ronald Gouldthorp (children), Mary Ann Keleher (nee Arnall), Bridget Anstiss (nee Cushion), William & Emily Anstiss, Catherine Morgan (nee Keleher), Susan Graham (nee O’Sullivan), George & Agnes Robertson (nee Gouldthorp), John, Mary & Michael Mara
  • Added a number of updates to the Tobias family entries (connected to Cadzow & Jones branch)
  • Added descendants of George Robertson and Agnes Gouldthorp
  • Added photographs of Angus & Wilhelmina McMillan (O’Sullivan branch) and details of their descendants

 1 January 2011

  • Added Douglas James Jones to Honour Roll (WW2)
  • Added James Garfield Gibb to Honour Roll (Killed in Action, France, WW1)
  • Added Albert James Cecil Savage to Honour Roll (WW1)
  • Added Obituary for William Jones (d. 1917), Craig’s GG Grandfather
  • Added transcription of letters from WW1 penned by Sister Agnes Cullen “Cully” Jones in France in 1917 and Italy in 1918.
  • Added descendants of Agnes Gouldthorp & George Robertson
  • Added descendants of Madge Daisy Anstiss & William Armstrong Edgely
  • Added photograph of the Grave of John T. Anstiss, Convict, and Craig’s GGG Grandfather
  • Added Joan Cadzow, Ballerina, to Celebrity Connections with a photograph
  • Added new better quality photographs for James Hardie Jones & Annie Herbert, Craig’s Great Grandparents

3 September 2010

  • Added numerous photographs of graves for people buried in Narrandera and Coolamon cemeteries (for Narrandera mostly Sullivans & Durnans; for Coolamon, Monaghans)
  • Added Robert Francis Sullivan, Francis Michael Monaghan (killed in action at Pozieres), and Percival and Octimus McGavin to Honour Roll
  • Added information about Craig’s Great Grandfather, Frederick Charles Gouldthorp, who was the subject of a Police manhunt in 1947 and went to prison. Visit the Curiosities page for more..
  • Added Descendants of William Thomas McGavin, esp. of James Francis, and Andrew Ingram his sons, with some photographs (relates to O’Sullivan branch)
  • Added details about William’s connection with the Kelly Gang on the Curiosities Page
  • Added photographs for daughters of Thomas Denis O’Sullivan & Ellen Jordan taken ca. 1890 (relates to O’Sullivan branch)
  • Added Descendants of Laurina Clyde Soderblom and Herbert Hamilton Soderblom (relates to Cadzow branch)
  • Added descendants of William Gouldthorp, brother to Craig’s GGG Grandfather (relates Gouldthorp branch)
  • Added Descendants of John Peisley and Jemima McGeorge (relates to Anstiss branch)
  • Added Backman family ancestry in Sweden (relates to Amoyal branch)

11 July 2010

  • Updates to Bason family details, especially children of John Bason and Ann Edwards and their descendants in NZ (relates to Sullivan Branch)
  • Family connection to the Bason Botanic Gardens in Wanganui, NZ included on the Curiosities page in the Treasure Chest
  • Inclusion of 2 images from the Memorial Wall at the Australian War Memorial Canberra on the Honour Roll .
  • Inclusion of Descendants of Ann Jane Robertson (relates to Gouldthorp branch) including photographs
  • Corrected parentage for Mary Anne Glover (relates to Gouldthorp/Keller branch) including the addition of her father, convict Thomas Glover.

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