Celine Amoyal’s Family Tree

Celine’s ancestry is a blend of European and North African heritage.  Born in Paris, her forebears came from France (maternal) and from Algeria and Morocco (paternal).  In France, Celine’s maternal forebears lived in the Lorraine region for generations.  Political instability and warfare saw some of her paternal forebears moving between Algeria and Morocco during the 19th Century.  In all likelihood their ancestors originally lived in Spain until the expulsion of Jews by Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.  More than 30,000 of the estimated 235,000 Jewish people in Spain at that time fled to Morocco and Algeria where they established vibrant communities that continue to this day.

As you view our family trees you may notice individuals marked with a ** at the end of their name. These people have been proved to be ancestors through DNA testing matches with other descendants of those people.

Celine’s earliest ancestors

Paternal:  3xG Grandfather Isaac Ben Oliel born around 1820 probably in Morocco.

Maternal:  12xG Grandfather Claudin Lahaxe Born around 1550 in France.

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