Craig Fullerton’s Family Tree

Craig’s ancestry almost completely originates from the British Isles, with strong representation from Ireland, but also Scotland and England.  Some ancestors came to Australia to escape the harsh economic conditions in Ireland, including the Great Famine.  Some were miners from Scotland leaving generations of history to seek their fortunes during the gold rushes in Australia.  Several had no choice in the matter, having come to Australia as convicts, transported for the most trivial of offences, typically for 7 years.  The earliest arrival in Australia in Craig’s direct ancestry was Charles Fell, Craig’s 4xG Grandfather – a convict sentenced to 7 years Transportation for stealing a coat.  He arrived in 1820, just 32 years after Australia was first settled.

As you view our family trees you may notice individuals marked with a ** at the end of their name. These people have been proved to be ancestors through DNA testing matches with other descendants of those people.

Craig’s earliest ancestors

Paternal: 12xG Grandfather Robert Saunders born ca. 1550 in Cornwall, England.

Maternal: 11xG Grandfather Georg Walker born ca. 1607 in Scotland.

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