This project began in early 2005 but it built upon a considerable amount of research already undertaken by Faye Fullerton (nee O’Sullivan) since the early 1970’s, and by Bruce & Gordon Fullerton.  This research – most of which was done in pre-internet days – forms the foundation of Craig’s Family Tree.  Since 2005 a large number of people have made further contributions to the content of both Craig and Celine’s Family Trees.  Without their passion, skilful research and generosity this history would not be possible.  Whilst not exhaustive I have attempted to acknowledge these contributors below.


Craig’s Family Tree

Contributor                                                           Major Families

  • Faye Fullerton                                                  O’Sullivan/Sullivan, Durnan, Jones, Cadzow
  • Bruce & Gordon Fullerton                             Fullerton, Gouldthorp, Anstiss
  • Geoff Sullivan                                                  O’Sullivan/Sullivan
  • Judy Coates                                                      McMillan, Jackson, Nicholson, Hamson
  • Alice Tinker                                                      Whalan/Whelan, Herbert
  • Carol Hall                                                         Gouldthorp
  • Craig Gouldthorp                                            Gouldthorp
  • Amanda Ford                                                   Gouldthorp, Robertson
  • Darryl Johnston                                               Connolly, Mulcahy, Braid, Marstella
  • Robert Williams                                               McGavin
  • Arthur & Rhonda Richardson                        McGavin, O’Sullivan, Boyd, Monaghan
  • Marg Monaghan                                              Monaghan
  • Sue Mutton                                                       Bason
  • Bruce Bason                                                     Bason
  • Graeme Adams                                                Bason
  • Katrina Noble                                                   Greig, Anderson
  • Faye Clark                                                          Sole, Old (see Publications below)
  • Di O’Meley                                                         Coghlan
  • Don Green                                                         Forsyth
  • Julie Rusicska                                                     Anstiss, McGeorge. George
  • Leona Scott                                                        Jones, Cadzow, Tobias
  • Laurel Fisher                                                      Cadzow
  • Grace Cadzow                                                    Cadzow (particularly from St. Arnaud)
  • Margaret Curtain                                               Curtin, Curtain, Guiney
  • Kylie Lynch                                                          Keleher, Keller
  • Jude Fox                                                               Keller, Haron, Glover, Deane, Grieve
  • Philip E. Leonard                                                Leonard, Durnan
  • Bobbie Aymes                                                    Old, Sole, Robertson
  • John Bailey                                                          Bailey, Jones, Cardwell, Pratt
  • Bob Beresford                                                    Hair, Brown
  • Sandra Stoddart                                                 Carrick, Robertson
  • Sharon Lancaster                                               Peisley
  • Stephanie Vilner                                                 Soderblom, Sheppard
  • Robert G. Eldridge                                              Eldridge, Sell, Hanson
  • Liliana Virtue                                                        Sell
  • Margaret Whitaker                                              Withell (visit
  • Glenn Wright                                                        Anstiss, Edgely
  • Fiona Norris                                                          Anstiss, Gouldthorp
  • Tamara Whitsed                                                   McMillan
  • Connie Cooper                                                     McMillan
  • Carol Nolan                                                           Duproy, Nolan
  • Colleen Ellis                                                           Sloman, Anstiss
  • Janet Cheriton                                                       Tobias
  • Jean Osborne                                                        Perry, Soley
  • Annette & Geoff Beasley                                     Beasley, Jones, Hynd
  • Ron & Graeme Wass, Valree Hodgson              Wass, Jones
  • Nanette Franks                                                      Brown(e), Jones, Cadzow, Forsyth
  • Graham Lawrence                                                 Lawrence, Jones
  • Leonie Boyce                                                          Jones (SA branch)
  • Chris Rule                                                                Jones, Rule, Cadzow
  • Sue Cardwell                                                           Cardwell, Tobias, Jones
  • Robert Leversha                                                     Tobias, Jones, Leversha
  • Barrie Johnston                                                       Jones, Johnston/Johnstone
  • Paul Jones                                                                Jones
  • Jenny Tyrrell                                                            (O’)Sullivan (Tumbarumba)

Celine’s Family Tree

Contributor                                                                    Major Families

  • Gerard Amoyal                                                         Amoyal, Lousqui
  • Liliane Amoyal                                                          Gridelet, Salvatori
  • Pierre Benoliel                                                          Benoliel/Ben Oliel, Amoyal
  • Joseph Dahan                                                           Dahan, Benoliel
  • Michel Assayag                                                         Assayag, Benchetrit, Elbaz
  • Dominique Lahaxe                                                   Lahaxe
  • Jean-Luc Galland                                                       Galland, Lahaxe, Badel, Aubert
  • Jane Miles                                                                   Bouhadana
  • Nadine Bouchelet                                                     Bouchelet, Gridelet
  • Patrick Banel                                                              Gridelet


In the Shadow of Feathertop – a History of the Lives and Legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie by Craig Fullerton, Boat Shore Publishing, 2014. The website owner’s own book focussed on the Jones family who emigrated to Australia in 1858 and 1863. Winner of the Best Family History Award 2014 from the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies. Read about it here

Quarantined! The 1837 Lady McNaghten Immigrants by Perry McIntyre & Elizabeth Rushen, Anchor Books, 2007 (revised and updated 2010). A fascinating account of the horrendous journey endured by these Immigrants, including Craig’s GGGG Grandparents Michael & Elizabeth Keleher, and their children, one of whom perished on the journey. Visit  the author’s website here:  Copies can be purchased here:

 From the Marshes to the Mountain – an account of the Sole family 1791-1991 by Faye Clark, 1991. A wonderful book for anyone researching the Sole and Old families in New Zealand. Craig’s GG Grandmother, Susannah Sole, was a part of this family. She married an Australian shearer Thomas Denis O’Sullivan in New Zealand and left her homeland for Australia with her new husband around 1884.

Gold at Harrietville by Brian Lloyd, Shoestring Press, Wangaratta, 1982.  A very interesting account of the history of gold mining in and around Harrietville in Victoria. The book contains numerous references to Jones family members, and other families connected by marriage. Craig’s GGG Grandfather, George Jones emigrated from Scotland in 1858 eventually settling in Harrietville. His wife Margaret and their 5 children followed him nearly six years later in late 1863.

 Bygoo and Beyond by Rob Webster, Privately Printed, 1956.  A wonderful account of the early days of white settlement around the Ardlethan area in the Riverina of New South Wales. Craig’s GG Grandfather, Patrick Durnan receives several mentions and the book includes pictures of Patrick and his wife Catherine (nee Guiney).

Grong Grong The Spirit of a Small Town by Grong Grong History Committee, 2003. A very entertaining collection of historical facts, reminisces and stories about the people and events that shaped this small town in the Riverina area of NSW. Among numerous references to O’Sullivan and Durnan family members, Craig’s Grandparents, John and Phyllis Sullivan, and their family are featured in the chapter entitled “The Sullivans of Waterview”. Waterview was the name of the family property situated between Grong Grong and Ardlethan.

The Fullertons of North America by Gordon W. Fullerton Jnr, Privately Published, Hawaii, 1973. An extensive record of the Fullerton families of North America and their origins in Scotland and Ireland. Quite extraordinary given it was produced in pre-internet days and on a typewriter. The book includes some very interesting research on the origins of the Fullertons, the name, and the coat of arms (see separate page under Our Family Trees section).

Descendants of Cadzow by N.I. Smart, Privately Published, Gulnare, South Australia, 1975. A detailed and well researched account of Michael Cadzow and Helen Meek and their descendants. Michael was a brother to Craig’s GGG Grandfather, William Cadzow, and he and his wife settled in South Australia leaving a lasting legacy of Cadzow descendants there, and in Western Australia.  I am searching for a copy of this book – please contact me if you know where I can obtain a copy!

Diary of Mary Martha Stack 11 July 1837 – 28 October 1837.  Journey from England to Australia aboard the barque Andromache edited by Denise Burton, Burmac Publishing, Canberra, 2013.  This is a reprint of the diary kept by Mary of her journey to Australia on the Andromache and provides a captivating account of what the trip was like.  Mary travelled in relative comfort as a cabin passenger, rather than a steerage passenger, but she had a lovely way with words and provides a real insight into life on board.  Craig’s paternal GGG Grandparents, Thomas George and his wife Mary (nee Whyllie) were also on board this ship on this journey as steerage passengers.


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