Table of Contents – In the Shadow of Feathertop

Table of Contents for In the Shadow of Feathertop  

In the Shadow of Feathertop - A History of the Lives and Legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie

Table-of-Contents1 Table-of-Contents Table-of-Contents Table-of-ContentsTable-of-Contents5© Craig Fullerton, Boat Shore Publishing 2014

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3 thoughts on “Table of Contents – In the Shadow of Feathertop

  1. Lesley Jones

    What an excellent job you have done Craig for all of US and all OUR descendants, as well as researchers now and in the future who will benefit from your extensive labours. Thank you so very much for publishing this book but thank you even more for doing such a fabulous job of it – far more and better than I could have imagined. It is well worth far more than the price and our forebears would be very proud of your efforts – as we are.
    Kind Regards
    Lesley Jones (wife of William Jones’ descendant David William Jones), Queensland, Australia

  2. Rhonda

    You should be so proud of your efforts, I am looking forward to browsing through this beautiful book. Well done to your better half too for coping with you in your endeavours to produce such a well researched and informative book.

  3. Fiona Jones

    Getting so excited! It looks wonderful Craig. The fruit of your labours is just about to be savoured by all. We don’t realise how many hours/days/weeks/years of hard research has gone into your beloved project, but I think we’re all just about to find out! Well done. Here’s to the launch! xx Ken and Fiona


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